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Baltimore in a New Light

Wildflowers in Baltimore

Baltimore gets a bad rep.

It really depends on what part of town you decide to explore. Last Friday Mini-twin and I visited Twin #2 as she has a post-doc at Johsn Hopkins. It was absolutely lovely and for a moment I felt like I was back in beautiful North Carolina as we strolled the vintage stores in Hampden. We also walked in neighborhoods near the undergrad campus at Hopkins. We went to a quirky restaurant in Hamden named “Hon.” The ambiance was really cool but the food was so-so. The vintage stores in Hamden are great! We walked but if you are a serious vintage shopper, I suggest you take a car so you can buy some vintage furniture and load it up right then and there!

Please click on each photo below to see a larger version of the thumbnail.

So, I will conclude with saying that Baltimore is a lovely city and I can’t wait to visit again to see Twin #1!!!


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Art in My Neighborhood

Last Friday Twin 2 from DC and Mini Twin came to Baltimore to visit! It was great. Mini Twin stayed overnight and hung out with me on Saturday. I was extremely excited because there was a 3-day  Book Fair in my neighborhood, the Mount Vernon Cultural District. Before heading out to the Book Fair, I strolled Mini Twin around my neighborhood.



Mini Twin having fun!

We also went to the Walters Art Museum and mainly hung out in the Egyptian exhibition. They had a little area where kids could loan out a game or toy. Mini Twin and I borrowed these wooden pieces. Like her mom, when she’s focused there’s no playing around.


This church is in my neighborhood and has great architecture.  I love the bold red doors!

After the book fair Mini Twin and I grabbed a bite to eat, listened to a great band playing a fusion of Latin sounds, then headed home. There’s a meditative courtyard at my place so we relaxed there as I taught Mini Twin Good Evening (Boa Tarde) and Good Morning (Bom Dia) in portuguese. It was a great day!

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Anacostia in a new light

Beautiful Anacostia Park,  Southeast Washington, DC

I realize many people think that is an oxymoron to have the word “beautiful” beside Anacostia but it truly is a beautiful part of DC– if you wish to really explore. The land in Anacostia Park is actually one of the national parks owned by the National Park Service. I would encourage people to take care of our parks as they deserve to be preserved 😉 There is a lot of litter in the Anacostia River and it could be so much more beautiful and clean if people simply used trash cans and stopped polluting. Many people in DC will just throw trash on the ground (yuck). As a North Carolina native that LOVES nature and the outdoors, this just irks me. Much of the pollution from the city ends up there in the river.  If you have plastic bags, paper, etc that are recyclable, then please recycle or this trash  will end up in a landfill or even worse a river! Let’s go green and enjoy nature!

Oh and yes, I totally stalked that Checkerspot butterfly! It was just too pretty! 😉

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Apartment Entryway’s

Twin #1’s first entry is the entry to the building.  Upon first entering the building there are glass doors and a view of the swimming pool. The swimming pool is actually in front of our apartment but I’ll show a picture of that another day. Below is what you would see after coming in the building and turning left. I love the wood stools.

Meam 1's hubby

Hanging out in the entryway before a comedy show at the Lyric Opera House across the street.

These are two different pictures of two different hallways leading to our place.  I love the wood floor on the little crosswalk.  If you see a little Starbucks sign it’s not your imagination. There is a Starbuck’s located downstairs.

Finally, the entryway as you come into our place! We don’t have too much on this wall but I’ve always thought about buying a record and framing it so I chose James Brown’s “I’m Black and I’m Proud.”

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I love yellow and green together; evident in the green and yellow pairings throughout our apartment! In a previous post I showed a canvas I painted Pineapple Soda. I finally put family pictures on the canvas with silver pushpins. I ordered the green magazine rack from CB2. Oh how I miss going to CB2 in Chicago!


"B" bookholders: Ikea

I’ve named this little plant “todo verde.” Houseplants are great! This is the third one in the apartment.

Green and Yellow vases.

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Art Everywhere

Below are some of the art pieces Maryland of College Institute of Art students display outside of their school. I first saw these pieces during Artscape, a three day affair in July that includes mixed-media artists, painters, and new fashion designers. There were also free short opera performances. I enjoyed seeing a short segment of Mozart’s “Cosi fan tutte.” I hope to see the opera in it’s entirety in New York one weekend.


I don’t eat hamburgers. I’m more of a veggie burger eater. However, I’ve never seen such a gigantic cheeseburger so I had to take a picture. It actually felt kind of soft and sqishy.



This giant boy looks a little scary to me. My green friendly apartment building is the grey building in the background.


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Art in Everyday Life and Life is Art

Art in Life by Twin #2

Today’s post is simple- that art imitates life and life is art! My church is undergoing reconstruction but still looks beautiful to me. So many historical figures have preached here. Frederick Douglas has spoken here and the list goes on. Dr. Louis Sullivan and Ms. Shirley Sherrod were there today. Ms Sherrod shared her story of how God has seen her through so much. She is an inspiring lady. A friend of mine, Marty, previously took these this beautiful photo of Metropolitan on Mini-Twin’s Baptism day back in March 2010.

Metropolitan AME Church, photograph by Ken Marty

Twin #1, Twin #1's Hubby, and me- Twin #2

Mini-Twin and Twin#1

We went to Eatonville for Sunday brunch and it was so yum! Eatonville is named after the writer Zora Neale Hurston’s birthplace of Eatonville, Florida. It is very artsy and has beautiful art and interior design!

Capitol Hill Neighborhood

Later on we walked to Union Station and then headed home. I normally just past by this statue and don’t think much of it but the blues and greens emanating from the statue and sky made me pause and take a photo.

Cute orange monkey monster

This little orange monkey monster always intrigues me. It is in my neighborhood and sits at the top of an enclosed patio…weird and cute!

Crepe Myrtle

Lovely crepe myrtle in our neighborhood ends today’s post on “Art in Everyday Life and Life is art!

Enjoy and take in the art around you!

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