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My apartment community, The Fitzgerald had its grand opening. Art was displayed throughout the community as well as luscious plants. A number of local businesses catered food and there was a performance in the glass hallways of the building. We watched the performance outside. It was a great use of space and the dancers did an excellent job!

This is the ceiling above the pool table.


Storybook character selling his book


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Still in Progress

I’m still working on this project. I’m thinking about painting a bird and more words.

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Art in Progress

I’m making an art piece that will display positive words. I solicited words from my husband and I also thought of some words that we can display. I’m not sure how many words I’ll paint but will decide as I go along. This is the space where I will hang the art piece.

I started making the canvas after I bought stretchers and canvas.


I painted the canvas white.

These cards inspired me.

I bought these cards at Michael's.

This is my art in progress. The word I'm still painting is success. I will show the finished product soon!!!

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Bright and Bold.



Marimekko curtain


I purchased this Marimekko cloth online and had a local drycleaner in Capitol Hill sew it into a simple curtain. I love the bright and bold colors. It really adds color to the bedroom.

Trees on the bed, oh my!



So, I wish I could’ve gotten the $143 black and white Marimekko duvet cover that I fell in love with, but instead this bold green duvet cover from Ikea will do! As you can see, I am totally into bright colors and Ikea is so affordable. You can’t beat $29 for a duvet cover, plus I am being “green.” LOL


Mini Twin climbing on the trees


Munchkins love bright colors too!


Bright and Bold Toddler Bed


Mini Twin also has a very colorful bed!


Mini Twin's Bed


I like Mini Twin’s bed. I guess I should since sometimes I have to nap in it with her when she is having problems sleeping alone. Oh yea, I like the TSU pendant, but my hubby will be so disappointed when Mini Twin ends up at Duke, Yale,  Spelman, or Wellesley. One time she even tried to pull it down and I asked “You don’t like it? Do you want a Duke pendant?” and she responded “Yes! Duke!” It was too cute.

Ok, I’m signing off. Remember to not be afraid to go bold and bright! It is great to come home to a bright space especially with the cold winter coming. Burr…

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Children’s Art


Mini Twin and the Blue Umbrella


I love children’s art! It really helps to brighten spaces and Mini Twin’s art has done tons to brighten up our place. She recently did a painting at school called “Apple Prints.” As she explained “I put pink paint on my hands” and she painted this wonderful picture on an aqua colored sheet. I put it in a frame and voila! It looks great! See it below:


Lower painting by MiniTwin


This is how the painting looks in this cozy corner of the room:


Cozy Corner with Mini Twin's Art


We also have the cutest seven legged spider that Mini Twin created in an art class at her previous school:


Seven-legged spider


Ok, as you can see I am totally obsessed with Mini twins art. If I had more wall space, I would frame even more, but for now, here are two more of her pieces that are located above the dining table (The blue frames are from Ikea. They have great colorful and cheap frames for children’s art):


Mini Twin's Art Above the Table


That’s it for now. I will keep you posted if I frame some more of Mini Twin’s wall art. In the meantime, if you are a parent or if you have a niece or nephew that draws you something, please hang it! It can become one of the most interesting and colorful pieces in your space!

Enjoy art– even those art pieces from the munchkins!

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We love our new place but are reminiscing about the studio apartment I (Twin 1) had in Raleigh, NC that was about a third of the price we now pay for our apartment. The apartment building I moved in was only a year old new and my apartment was never occupied. In addition ,it was located in Brier Creek, a great neighborhood with shops and plenty of nice areas to run in. Our current apartment is beautiful and has  luxury amenities so we have no complaints about that. However, my hubby lived with me a couple of months in Raleigh before we moved to Baltimore and we miss our hardwood floors. It’s so easy to clean hardwood floors. We’re not fans of carpet. I must add that I miss my two sisters that live in Raleigh as well. I always enjoyed hanging out with my little nephew who is incredibly adorable! Well take the journey of reminiscing with me by checking out some photos of my NC apartment. As you can see my decorating style has not changed that much!

My adorable nephew and me at the William B Umstead State Park (Raleigh, NC)

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I love organization so I keep my closet organized with square and round boxes. I have yet to buy a shoe rack for my closet so I have some in my closet and some shoes neatly lined up under the bed. I only use wooden hangers. Wire hangers bend, are not as aesthetically pleasing, and leave marks in clothing. I have a walk in closet. My hubby’s closet is smaller but I think it works for him.

Hubby’s closet. He’s lucky I’ve helped him organize!

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