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Christmas Decorating Time!

I spent Thanksgiving in North Carolina and had a great time! While I was there I went to Hobby Lobby to pick up some Christmas décor. I bought holiday ornaments and put them on this silver decorative plate.


I also bought a little table tree. I like the pink mini ornaments on them. The tree is already shiny so I’m debating if I’ll get lights.

Maybe I'll put a decoration on top of the tree.



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Instant Vintage

Mile 8 Vintage Sign

I could have titled this post “Etsy Finds” because I have found some lovely vintage items on Etsy! I found this great sign and thought it would look cute for the spot where we park our daughter’s tricycle.

Etsy pillows

I finally bought some new pillows. We had bright red ones with pink flowers which were just a bit too feminine so I thought these pillows would tone the space down. They look great!

Andy Warhol Notepad

I just love Andy Warhol so I bought this nifty little notepad for my hubby’s anniversary present (We’ve been married for three years!) This way my hubby doesn’t have to scribble stuff anywhere and the notepad looks cute and vintage… I’m sure I will also use his present 😉

Me and my munchkin

I love fall! We took a trip home to North Carolina recently. Here is me and my munchkin in the cul-de-sac in front of my mom’s house.

Happy vintage shopping and enjoy Fall!

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Flowers and a Doll

I bought this cabbage flower today. My eye was drawn to it because it’s full and I wanted such a flower to put on the table.

I also bought these yellow roses. The Ndebele doll is a new addition. My friend bought her from South Africa. I’m thinking about buying a small wall shelf and putting her there. For now, she’ll hang out on the bar.

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I finally finished my art project.  You can look at my past post which shows how I made this from scratch. The idea was to paint a fun art piece that would display positive words. My hubby and I both came up with words. The words we chose were success, happy, passion, soar and axé. Axé is a word commonly used in Salvador, Bahia Brazil which roughly translates as energy and is said when relaying good energy. There’s a little four painted on the left which is my hubby’s favorite number. His line number was #4. I enjoyed painting this piece in my spare time!

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