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Organizing and Decorating

I finally went to one of my favorite stores, The Container Store! I bought some small plastic boxes to store nail polish, a dish rack, and a Cable Box!!! The Cable box is great because it hides hideous-looking cables and chords. Although I’m not an avid tv watcher, my husband is. We have cable, so with that comes a lot of chords! It was quite easy to tie the cables and simply place them in the box. The result is great!

Before the Cable Box

I also went to Crate and Barrel! I bought these white square plates and small orange appetizer plates. I wanted a splash of color without overdoing it. Also the orange brings out the orange color in the art.

My dish rack of six years finally fell apart. I bought it from Ikea and I liked it because it was wooden and had a modern look to it. I bought this dish rack from The Container Store and it’s made of bamboo so it’s environmentally friendly and very modern looking.


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My friend Shisa!

My friend “T” recently traveled to Okinawa and bought me this adorable little Shisa.  She also sent me a postcard and explained what the Shisa represents. It’s half-dog, half-lion and is meant to keep one safe and lucky. They’re usually found in pairs at the entrance of one’s home. My shisa is at my entrance and the shisa on the postcard is on the refrigerator.  Yellow is one of my favorite décor colors so I’m happy with my yellow Shisa! Thanks to my wonderful friend “T” for her thoughtfulness!

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