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Decorating a Child’s Room

I could totally stay in my daughter’s room.

The poster is from last year’s White House Easter Egg Roll, which was on my daughter’s birthday so she can say she went to the White House for her second birthday!

I found this vintage horse on Threepotatofour.com I may suspend it from the ceiling but haven’t decided. For now, we will bask in its beauty. I may also paint that wall as an accent wall, but we’ll leave that to the future…


These cute curtains are from Ikea. They go well with the decor.

Happy Room = Happy Toddler!

Happy Decorating!


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Temporary Wallpaper


I’m excited that I finished my accent wall in temporary wallpaper in “frosted teal.” It is beautiful but it is no fun hanging this stuff! I suggest getting a professional as the hanging process is way different from old school wallpaper. I do love it though and we are planning to put some bookselves on top of it.

The Monster.

Monster? Putting up this wallpaper or the toy? LOL This is my daughter’s “Blue Monster” as she calls him or sometimes she calls him “Azul.”

Have a great decorating day!

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My hubby bought me beautiful roses for Valentine’s Day! Last Friday, I took him to “The Park” in Washington, DC. It was a nice place. How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day?


These roses smell wonderful!


Yummy smelling candle from Twin 2!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Green House

I recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal about pampering your countertop with environmentally friendly products. Research for the product Mrs.Meyers, found that her customers are more likely to decorate and buy cosmetics. I love decorating so this finding definitely describes me. Apparently some customers like to leave the products out to showcase them since some of them are in nicely decorated bottles. The only bottle I have out is my liquid soap and that’s at my sink. I’m not one to put products on display.

I noticed that I have quite a few eco friendly items in my apartment. How do you “green clean” your place when you’re cleaning?

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Temporary Wallpaper

Temporary Wallpaper
I have to admit this is the first time I have tried temporary wallpaper so it is an adventure! It’s not as easy as they make it look on the online video. This is still a work in progress and I ran out of wallpaper! It is fun though because about three weeks ago we moved to Senate Square, an upscale loft style building near Union Station. The windows are huge and we have nice hardwood floor so I am really enjoying decorating.

Ikea rug

I found this lovely rug at Ikea for less than $150! I suggest that if you are decorating a small space and don’t want to spend a huge amount of money on a rug, go to Ikea! I am planning on getting the pinkish chair upholstered so it will fit into my decorating theme.
Happy decorating and stay warm!

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