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We celebrated our birthday with a trip to New York City! It was great hanging out in Greenwich Village and Harlem. We went to a great café, Bee Desserts and Cafe in Greenwich. The owner is from Sao Paulo, Brazil so I was excited to eat pão de queijo. We ate tilapia sandwiches that had both asiago cheese on them and plantains.  Despite that I never eat cheese with fish they were quite good.  We did a little shopping. Both of us ended up getting home décor. While our trip was only a daylong we had a lot of fun!


Bee Desserts and Cafe

We both thoroughly enjoyed the Marimekko store. I bought fabric which I will hang on the wall as a canvas print. I also bought this oven glove!  At another store, Gracious Home I bought these cute little teacups which are used for used tea bags.

Not one.....


but two!


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