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I bought this lovely fabric in New York at the Marimekko store in March. I finally bought stretchers and hung it. I brought my fabric to Plaza Art, a local art store. I’m lucky there’s at least four art stores within walking distance of where I live. The sales associate was extremely helpful at picking out the stretchers. I was thinking about getting stretchers that were 60 inches but when we laid the fabric out, a 52 inch stretcher was more appropriate. The stretchers on the sides are 20 inches.

I love this fabric!


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Ok, I think my favorite room in my apartment is the living room. I have done some bold things in there. I think one should never hold back on color or design. I was inspired by a zebra striped wall that I saw in a magazine and so I painted an accent wall with chocolate brown zebra stripes!

See the zebra stripes in the background!

I am also bold with my curtains and found some really cute West Elm curtains that go with anything. We celebrated Mini-Twins birthday and the table looked so cute against these curtains.

Mini Twin and cute curtains in the background

I also love bright art. I purchased a local artist’s rendition of Frida Kahlo at a cafe in Nashville. I framed it and voila, it looks really cool. Here is mini-twin standing under the artwork.

Frida and Mini-twin

Happy living in your living room!

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I was recently in Chicago and went to Russian Tea Time for tea. I’ve been looking forward to going to this place since I read Leo Tolstoy’s, “War and Peace” about a year ago. There were always descriptions of people drinking tea after heating up water in a samovar.  was excited to go to this place. I enjoyed the tea we had. It was a black tea which was a combination of tea’s. The waiter called it a Russian tea but I don’t know the exact blend. I enjoyed hearing Russian music and I really liked the décor.

Drinking Russian tea!

Russian Tea Time in Chicago, IL

I really liked the restaurant’s vintage posters in Russian.  I feel inspired to decorate a similar wall whenever I move in June. I’m thinking about framing  some of these political cartoon ads from the Afro- Brazilian magazine Raça.

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