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My New Plant!

This Sunday I went to Baltimore’s Farmer’s Market and Bazaar. It was my first time going and quite enjoyable. I really wanted to buy a plant and some organic radicchio and lettuce for a salad. I didn’t find the radicchio but I did buy salad. I also bought this beautiful plant. Yes, of course I’ve given her a name, “Red.”

My new plant waiting to be put in the pot.


Someone had compost there for sale but it was $10. I knew I could buy MiracleGro for a cheaper price so I bought some for $5 at Ace Hardware.


I bought this plant to go in my orange pot. I poured in the MiracleGro and put Red in the pot.

Pouring the soil in the pot!


My coleus plant, Red


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Pink Pancakes

Sorry, this post is not about decoration, its about healthy pink pancakes! This morning I decided to make my favorite beet-based pancakes with Mini-Twin. They are fun and easy to make. First, chop less than half of a beet. Put it in a blender or juicer and add a little water. Make the regular pancake batter and add the red juice. Then, cook pancakes and voila, you have yummy and healthy pancakes!


Blend the beets and look at the cool redish color!

Mini-Twin Being a Great Helper

Pink Pancakes

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I was so excited that a CB2 opened in Washington, DC. I took the 45 minute train ride there. It’s located in the Georgetown area of DC. The area has lot’s of trendy shops and restaurants. I took mini-twin along with me but she missed out because she fell asleep.

Sun and Moon Pillows: CB2


I plan on buying an orange couch cover so I bought these sun and moon pillows! They’re so cute! Also once I saw these quirky coasters, I knew I had to buy them.

Drink Coasters: CB2


Mrs.Meyer’s had a great online sale so I stocked up on some of my favorite cleaning items!

MrsMeyers cleaning products!!

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I’m excited my West Elm organic cotton duvet was finally delivered. It was on sale so it was a great buy. While on a trip to Columbus, OH, I purchased matching pillow shams at the West Elm store. I love West Elm!! I could have stayed in the store for hours. It was great walking around and getting ideas for future home décor projects. I also enjoyed hanging out with a friend who purchased a paper maché heart. I bought a paper maché bird and a blue vase. I placed both on my dresser along with Chirp Chirp, the bird I purchased from CB2.

Bird and Vase: West Elm Small frame: Target While at West Elm I also purchased a yellow soap dish. It looks great with a big bar of soap a friend bought for me. There’s a butterfly carved in the soap. It’s difficult to see in the picture but it’s really pretty.Soap dish: West Elm Soap: Anthropologie

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