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Considering that we now live in Ohio, a place where we get rain often and will get quite a lot of snow, I thought it appropriate to have a bright cheery wall. I contemplated a mix of colors such as orange and aqua or teal. However, in the end, my hubby encouraged me to keep it simple so I decided on orange. Before, the wall was a light beige color. You can see a little of it in this pic. I couldn’t find a pic of the entire wall. There’s a long story behind the reason I’m wearing a tiara and this dress, however the short version is my lovely niece like’s princesses so this is me as a pretend princess.

This is the wall before I painted it.

I first put blue painter’s tape around the wall and painted the inside edges with a paint brush. I put newspaper on the bottom to prevent paint from getting on the wall and carpet. Why spend money putting plastic on the floor when I can use newspaper I already have?

The next day, I used a rolling brush to paint the wall.

After I finished painting!

I bought flowers to complete the look.

I also baked a cake for the first time!! I used my grandmother’s recipe! Yum!


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