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Kids Decor

I found this cute print of a bear and thought it would be cute close to little Bear’s crib. It is so life-like. He really likes the print and smiled at it. 🙂

Here is my girl cub’s dresser. She has a glowing gummy bear!Here is the other cub’s dresser. He also has a gummy bear night light.

Here is a kid-sized towel rack. It’s a pretty blue apple. I was tempted to keep this for myself! LOL

This pic is a little fuzzy, but it gives you the idea. I like a personalized photo of my daughter that is in the kid’s bathroom. I will also put one of my son in there.




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Twin 1 is doing research in Rio de Janeiro and staying at a friend’s place. I can see Jesus Cristo de Redentor from the apartment. There are great clothing stores, restaurants, and cafes in this area. I’m staying in Copacabana and am enjoying morning jogs along the beach!


This is a small eating area that is a shared space with the study and living area. I decided to spruce it up a little.


I bought a little flower at a grocery store (Pao de Acucar) across the street , a chair seat, and a dishrag from a home and kitchen store. My additions are simple but add some cheer to the place!

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Twin 1 is currently in Salvador, Bahia Brazil. I’ve taken a number of pictures of graffiti around the city-whether it is on a school building or on random walls around the city. I’ll enlarge some of these and frame them when I get back to the states!

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