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My New Plant!

This Sunday I went to Baltimore’s Farmer’s Market and Bazaar. It was my first time going and quite enjoyable. I really wanted to buy a plant and some organic radicchio and lettuce for a salad. I didn’t find the radicchio but I did buy salad. I also bought this beautiful plant. Yes, of course I’ve given her a name, “Red.”

My new plant waiting to be put in the pot.


Someone had compost there for sale but it was $10. I knew I could buy MiracleGro for a cheaper price so I bought some for $5 at Ace Hardware.


I bought this plant to go in my orange pot. I poured in the MiracleGro and put Red in the pot.

Pouring the soil in the pot!


My coleus plant, Red


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Flowers and More Flowers!

Flowers from Surroundings

These are some great flowers I bought from Surroundings, a great neighborhood flower store. When I saw these cuties, I knew they were coming home with me!

Window Flower Box

I LOVE window flower boxes! I finally bought these great flowers from Fraeger’s on Capitol Hill on Saturday. Can you believe all of these were only $16??!!! Flower boxes really help to brighten houses. Fortunately, we’ve been getting a lot of rain so these flowers should stay nice and well fed 😉

Close up of flowers

I bought these mums for a flower fundraiser at Mini-Twin’s pre-school. I put them on the front steps and they look great.

Happy gardening this fall to everyone!

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