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I finally decided to finish decorating the study room! I love yellow so I have bursts of yellow in different areas. I have one more paper lantern to hang.






I have a lot of framed records so I’m trying to figure out where to put them all.






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I love that my closet has so much space! I’m still debating on whether I should get a shoe rack. For now, I don’t have one but my shoes are neatly lined up. Before photos of my closet I would like to show you the beautiful tulips my hubby bought me! I thought this was such a sweet gesture!

Awwwe how sweet!!

Right side of closet. You'll see the mask I bought in Venice very soon 😉

Yes, I'm neat. What can I say? I once worked in Brooks Brothers. That's where I learned the art of folding clothes properly.

Left side of closet.


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Organizing and Decorating

I finally went to one of my favorite stores, The Container Store! I bought some small plastic boxes to store nail polish, a dish rack, and a Cable Box!!! The Cable box is great because it hides hideous-looking cables and chords. Although I’m not an avid tv watcher, my husband is. We have cable, so with that comes a lot of chords! It was quite easy to tie the cables and simply place them in the box. The result is great!

Before the Cable Box

I also went to Crate and Barrel! I bought these white square plates and small orange appetizer plates. I wanted a splash of color without overdoing it. Also the orange brings out the orange color in the art.

My dish rack of six years finally fell apart. I bought it from Ikea and I liked it because it was wooden and had a modern look to it. I bought this dish rack from The Container Store and it’s made of bamboo so it’s environmentally friendly and very modern looking.

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I love organization so I keep my closet organized with square and round boxes. I have yet to buy a shoe rack for my closet so I have some in my closet and some shoes neatly lined up under the bed. I only use wooden hangers. Wire hangers bend, are not as aesthetically pleasing, and leave marks in clothing. I have a walk in closet. My hubby’s closet is smaller but I think it works for him.

Hubby’s closet. He’s lucky I’ve helped him organize!

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