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I finally finished my art project.  You can look at my past post which shows how I made this from scratch. The idea was to paint a fun art piece that would display positive words. My hubby and I both came up with words. The words we chose were success, happy, passion, soar and axé. Axé is a word commonly used in Salvador, Bahia Brazil which roughly translates as energy and is said when relaying good energy. There’s a little four painted on the left which is my hubby’s favorite number. His line number was #4. I enjoyed painting this piece in my spare time!


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I love yellow and green together; evident in the green and yellow pairings throughout our apartment! In a previous post I showed a canvas I painted Pineapple Soda. I finally put family pictures on the canvas with silver pushpins. I ordered the green magazine rack from CB2. Oh how I miss going to CB2 in Chicago!


"B" bookholders: Ikea

I’ve named this little plant “todo verde.” Houseplants are great! This is the third one in the apartment.

Green and Yellow vases.

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In my past post I showed you a blank canvas. I bought 4 pieces of wood to make a frame the size of my choosing. I also bought canvas. When I got home I simply cut the canvas and stapled it to the frame.  Color inspiration can come from a lot of different places. Check out my shoes and you won’t be surprised at the paint color I chose.

These shoes inspired my color choice

I bought wall paint in the color Pineapple Soda from Home Depot. I prefer wall paint because it dries much faster than painting with acrylic paint from an art store. In addition, if you get a tester wall sample it’s only $2.94 pus tax.



I started painting the canvas. It was much easier to put the paint in a small paper plate to use my roller. I prefer a rolling paint brush to a standard paint brush. It makes painting much easier. I plan on putting black and white family pictures on the canvas and will hang it near my hubby’s home desk.

It's finished!

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