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Mile 8 Vintage Sign

I could have titled this post “Etsy Finds” because I have found some lovely vintage items on Etsy! I found this great sign and thought it would look cute for the spot where we park our daughter’s tricycle.

Etsy pillows

I finally bought some new pillows. We had bright red ones with pink flowers which were just a bit too feminine so I thought these pillows would tone the space down. They look great!

Andy Warhol Notepad

I just love Andy Warhol so I bought this nifty little notepad for my hubby’s anniversary present (We’ve been married for three years!) This way my hubby doesn’t have to scribble stuff anywhere and the notepad looks cute and vintage… I’m sure I will also use his present 😉

Me and my munchkin

I love fall! We took a trip home to North Carolina recently. Here is me and my munchkin in the cul-de-sac in front of my mom’s house.

Happy vintage shopping and enjoy Fall!


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Baltimore in a New Light

Wildflowers in Baltimore

Baltimore gets a bad rep.

It really depends on what part of town you decide to explore. Last Friday Mini-twin and I visited Twin #2 as she has a post-doc at Johsn Hopkins. It was absolutely lovely and for a moment I felt like I was back in beautiful North Carolina as we strolled the vintage stores in Hampden. We also walked in neighborhoods near the undergrad campus at Hopkins. We went to a quirky restaurant in Hamden named “Hon.” The ambiance was really cool but the food was so-so. The vintage stores in Hamden are great! We walked but if you are a serious vintage shopper, I suggest you take a car so you can buy some vintage furniture and load it up right then and there!

Please click on each photo below to see a larger version of the thumbnail.

So, I will conclude with saying that Baltimore is a lovely city and I can’t wait to visit again to see Twin #1!!!

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Today Twin#1 went to Hampden Fest. Hampden is a cute neighborhood in Baltimore minutes from Johns Hopkins University. It was established in 1802. Homes in the area were built for mill workers in the area. The mills shut down in the 1970s. As I walked through the neighborhood it looked quite working class until I found 36th Street! There are lot’s of cute antique and vintage shops, café’s, and restaurants. I absolutely loved the antique shops. I bought two Life magazines. I first saw a 1970 Life magazine with Angela Davis on the cover and I knew the magazine was mine. I looked through a stack of Life magazines and found a 1971 edition of Life with Muhammad Ali and Frazier on it.



I bought both magazines and framed them. I hung them in the kitchen area. Both have address labels on them. Should I remove the labels? I have a 1974 Ebony magazine I bought at the Rare Books store in Hyde Park in Chicago. I’m debating if I’ll frame it and hang it as well.

1974 Ebony magazine

My 1974 Ebony magazine bought in Chicago. I miss Chicago and all the cafe’s and bookstores in Hyde Park.

Vintage Typewriter at Millbrook Antiques

This vintage typewriter is adorable! The store had some great vintage radios.  I wouldn’t mind purchasing one of the vintage radios if I had a place to put it.

Colorful children's chairs at Paradiso in Hampden

I’ll definitely come back to stores in Hampden  with Twin #2 and Mini Twin.

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