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Anacostia in a new light

Beautiful Anacostia Park,  Southeast Washington, DC

I realize many people think that is an oxymoron to have the word “beautiful” beside Anacostia but it truly is a beautiful part of DC– if you wish to really explore. The land in Anacostia Park is actually one of the national parks owned by the National Park Service. I would encourage people to take care of our parks as they deserve to be preserved 😉 There is a lot of litter in the Anacostia River and it could be so much more beautiful and clean if people simply used trash cans and stopped polluting. Many people in DC will just throw trash on the ground (yuck). As a North Carolina native that LOVES nature and the outdoors, this just irks me. Much of the pollution from the city ends up there in the river.  If you have plastic bags, paper, etc that are recyclable, then please recycle or this trash  will end up in a landfill or even worse a river! Let’s go green and enjoy nature!

Oh and yes, I totally stalked that Checkerspot butterfly! It was just too pretty! 😉


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